Adviceware: Quality Investment


We Speak Retirement

Saving for retirement is more important than ever. Smart employees are setting retirement goals, and defined contribution plans can help them achieve those aspirations.  While there are ongoing efforts to help participants in defined contribution plans make informed choices, a significant segment of employees still aren’t comfortable making investment decisions.

They don’t want another set of cycle or target date funds—they want professionally managed portfolios and customized advice.

They want something that will take the time to analyze their financial picture—including their time horizon, risk tolerance, and other factors—and help them create an actionable road map to guide them on their journey to attain their retirement goals.

Adviceware can help.

Introducing Adviceware

Adviceware is a service that offers customized, computer-generated investment advice, created to fit the unique profile of each user.

Adviceware is a cutting-edge online program that guides users through a 5-minute experience. The software evaluates participants’ responses and interactions, allowing the program to recommend a professionally managed, asset allocated model portfolio, designed specifically for each user. This process should be repeated every six to twelve months to ensure the portfolio continues to perform in the best interests of each participant.

The United States Department of Labor began endorsing unbiased computer-generated investment advice in 2008. The intention was to provide plan participants with prudent advice through a repeatable process. The initial development of Adviceware began in 2002—with the same goals as the Department of Labor.

Bank on Adviceware

Adviceware has been certified by Dalbar as a participant advice solution. According to the Department of Labor, 401(k) advice solutions must involve a repeatable prudent process and must be certified by an independent third party.

Many other advice products use Monte Carlo back-testing as a basis for their asset allocation recommendations. Adviceware utilizes a forward-looking approach with professionally managed portfolios, yielding more dependable results.