Adviceware: Providing Investment


We Speak RetirementPlan sponsors want to give the best possible experience to their participants. When a sponsor determines that their plan should offer investment advice, the questions quickly come to mind:
What is the best way to deliver the advice? How can we ensure that the system is easy to use and that the advice is sound? And how can we keep it cost effective?

The answer is Adviceware.

Count on Adviceware

In 2008, the Department of Labor endorsed computer-generated advice for retirement plan participants. According to the Department of Labor study , Employee Benefits Service Administration, on average, participants and beneficiaries who are advised make investment errors at 50% less the rate of those who are not advised.

“Fiduciaries should consider actively managing their risk, rather than relying on a legal ‘shield’ that may not be available. The key to managing the risk is to have as many participants as possible invest in professionally designed portfolios that are appropriate for the participant.”
-Fred Reish, ERISA attorney